Thankful Thursday 9-29-2022

Thankful Thursday 9-29-2022


Thankful Thursday sees my head shaking in wonder at the fact that October is only days away! The weather certainly has moved in the expected direction of fall. This weather change dusts off memories of cool evenings with layered clothing gathered around the campfire.

The cooler weather quickens our steps. Groups often come together toward a point of warmth. When gathering and connection with a person grounded in a Christ centered heart, the time and experience brings warmth to you and your heart.

It is a gift to be on the receiving end of an interaction with a Christ-centered person. And it is a gift to BE a Christ-centered person gifting your focus and attention on the person or people directly in your presence. Put the phone away. Fully engage in the conversation by listening to another’s words, watching the expressions that cross their face as they share, and observing the way they hold their bodies. Celebrate their openness to sharing and build the warmth of friendship rooted in Christ.


Thankful Thursday 9-29-2022 Experience Opportunities:

All are invited to Worship both online and in person. Worship services occur at 8:00 am, 9:15 am, & 10:30 am. Christian Education will occur at 9:10 am. To learn more about online worship, click here. Or want to revisit a message that really spoke to you? Check out our Sunday Sermons.

Want to be part of a prayer group? We come together in a collective effort to support and lift up others during your time with God. Join our Facebook group: Gravel Hill Prayers. It is a closed group to be mindful of the private and sensitive requests made. And it’s purpose is for you to be a prayer warrior both interceding where others are asking for assistance in prayer and requesting prayers for situations that need lifting. To join, please send an email to Katie.

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