Thankful Thursday 11-3-2022

Thankful Thursday 11-3-2022

Doing The Work

Thankful Thursday keeps on keeping on. The daily tasks await attention. The commitment or job holds the next steps in the process of performing and growing. Each day we wake up, opportunity is on the edge of our next moment. It is in this moment where we get to exercise the gift of free will.

When we exercise the freedom to do the work to which God calls us, we lay another brick onto the foundation of an identity and action grounded in Christ. The focus of why we are taking action (because God called us to the work) shares where our treasure is (see Matt. 6:21). Each brick laid, one after another, side-by-side, creates the path of your life guided by God. Doing the work towards the long game goal of His Glory.

As His child, remember that you were created for relationship with Him, for your unique purpose, and are a valuable piece of His story. You are loved. And He waits to be with you daily as you show up to do the work.


Thankful Thursday 11-3-2022 Experience Opportunities:

All are invited to Worship both online and in person. Worship services occur at 8:00 am, 9:15 am, & 10:30 am. Christian Education will occur at 9:10 am. To learn more about online worship, click here. Or want to revisit a message that really spoke to you? Check out our Sunday Sermons.

Want to be part of a prayer group? We come together in a collective effort to support and lift up others during your time with God. Join our Facebook group: Gravel Hill Prayers. It is a closed group to be mindful of the private and sensitive requests made. And it’s purpose is for you to be a prayer warrior both interceding where others are asking for assistance in prayer and requesting prayers for situations that need lifting. To join, please send an email to Katie.

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