Thankful Thursday 1-6-2022

Thankful Thursday 1-6-2022

Boring Behavior

Thankful Thursday hears the weather reports for the coming snow. In knowing the coming weather change, I get outside and lift my gratitude in prayer. Clear roads allow for an easier walk with Cooper, my dog. Tomorrow will present its own opportunity for an outdoor experience. Today in this here and now the gift of clear roads awaits. What journey will you and I make on them?

As I ponder the journey of the year ahead, I ask myself what experiences would I like? How can I have these experiences? One of the messages I’m hearing loud and clear for this year: Consistency in one boring (small or tiny) behavior. What is one boring behavior I can add to my routine each and every day? This daily discipline compiled together day after day and month after month directly impacts the experiences on my path and the direction it goes. Whether the roads ahead are clear or obstacle-filled, 1 Peter 1:13 encourages us to: Therefore prepare your minds for action;[a] discipline yourselves; set all your hope on the grace that Jesus Christ will bring you when he is revealed.

Boring behavior by boring behavior. Day in and day out. Continue along with Jesus in the glow of his grace.


Thankful Thursday 1-6-2022 Experience Opportunities:

9 am Saturday, January 8 at Gravel Hill: Help is needed to take down and put away the Christmas decorations. Those willing to help, please meet in the sanctuary. Thank you!

All are invited to Worship both online and in person. Worship services occur at 8:00 am, 9:15 am, & 10:30 am. Sunday School will occur at 9:10 am. To learn more about online worship, click here. Or want to revisit a message that really spoke to you? Check out our Sunday Sermons.

If you want to be part of a prayer group coming together in collective efforts to support and lift up others during your time with God, join our new Facebook group: Gravel Hill Prayers. It is a closed group to be mindful of the private and sensitive requests made. And it’s purpose is for you to be a prayer warrior both interceding where others are asking for assistance in prayer and requesting prayers for situations that need lifting. To join, please send an email to Katie.