Thankful Thursday 1-13-2022

Thankful Thursday 1-13-2022

Modern Day Conveniences

Thankful Thursday finds my washer and dryer getting a workout each week. Here in our household Thursday is bedding day. These two appliances get quite the workout helping to make our sleeping spaces fresh for the week ahead.

Out the window I see the snow and ice and can’t help but ask myself the question “What would it have been like to live before the luxury of electricity and running water?” For those of you old enough to remember the show Little House on the Prairie, think about trying to live during those times. Hauling water from a stream or a hand pump (if your family was lucky enough to have one). Traveling places on foot. Gardening, hunting, and canning to prepare food for your family and any guests you may have.

Come to think of it, my great grandparents did live through this and got to witness and experience the change in life with the modern day conveniences and luxuries. What a vast difference between yesteryear and today. My heart swells with gratitude for the modern day blessings like washers and dryers helping me to provide a healthy space for my family. What convenience are you grateful for today?


Thankful Thursday 1-13-2022 Experience Opportunities:

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