Monday’s Menu 1.3.22

Monday’s Menu 1.3.22

Katie Landis

Katie Landis, GH Social Media Manager & Monday’s Menu contributor


On Monday’s Menu for 2022, a family standard standby welcomes the hero call of the day. After the clearing and cleaning of spaces in your home and getting back into “routine”, an easy to make, satisfying meal saves the day! Tonight’s meal for our family is noodles, peas, and bacon. This simple one pot meal prepares in a snap and fills the hungry stomachs around the table.

Monday’s Menu 1.3.22 Recipe

Noodles, Peas, and Bacon


Egg Noodles

1 bag of Peas

16 oz. Bacon (choose your favorite kind: thick cut, smoked, etc.)

Directions: Cook the bacon according to directions. (Tip: before cooking, I use kitchen shears to cut the bacon strips in half. This way there are more pieces in the dish at the end for enjoyment!) Boil water with a pinch of salt to cook noodles according to package directions. I like to steam our peas over the cooking pasta thanks to a pot with a steamer feature, but the peas can be cooked in their own pot on the stovetop and drained before adding them to the dish. When all items are cooked, combine in a large bowl and stir to mix. For a final touch, drizzle some bacon drippings over the dish. And enjoy!


As you gather at the table try sharing about your day. We use an activity called, “One Thorn & One Rose.” Each person shares a challenge, or thorn, from their their day. Follow that by also sharing a good part, or rose, from your day. Once you have all shared, you have a verbal arrangement of beautiful blessings from your day to remember!

Monday’s Menu 1.3.22 in Scripture
Psalm 141:2 NRSV – Bible Gateway

Let my prayer be counted as incense before you,
    and the lifting up of my hands as an evening sacrifice.



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