Ministry at Gravel Hill

Gravel Hill members take full advantage of the opportunities to touch the lives of people in all nations. We delight in bringing the word of God to everyone and assisting them in furthering or beginning their very own walk with Jesus Christ.

Please check the sign-up sheets at the Welcome Center, the Sunday Bulletin, or The Beacon Brief to become involved in one of the many Ministry opportunities here at Gravel Hill.

Just remember, if you are taking part in a church-sponsored activity, there’s a likely chance that you are involved in one of our many ministries to some degree. If you’d like to know more, just ask!

Gravel Hill UMC is actively and intimately involved in providing for local community organizations and members who are in need.

Ministry Teams

The ministry teams of Gravel Hill United Methodist Church work in conjunction with paid staff members to carry out the various ministries of the church.

Lead Team

This 12-person team is highly committed to the growth of Gravel Hill United Methodist Church. Members are committed to reading current material on church growth and cultural shifts, and they support the ministries of this church financially. They are also responsible for future planning, facilities maintenance, nominations to various teams, and accountability. Members are picked by the pastor, must be in at least one Bible study or accountability group, and can serve a term of seven years. The church treasurer, the lay leader, a staff member in addition to the pastor(s) and several at-large members will be included in the lead team. Leader: Gail Mickalonis

Staff Parish Relations Team

This team is committed to the ministries of the church both spiritually and financially. Persons on this team relate Pastoral issues to the membership and membership issues to the Pastor. This team is also responsible for the annual evaluation of the Pastor(s) and Membership. A yearly covenant and pastoral goals will be established between the Pastor Parish Relations team and the pastor(s). The team consists of a chairperson and at large members, the Lay Leader and the clergy. Leader: Jackie Lutz

Finance Team

This team works in conjunction with the staff members to establish the budget and ensure that the finances of the church remain on solid ground. The Business Administrator manages the day-to-day finances. The Finance Team will monitor the income and expenses and encourage the members in their giving. The team consists of the Finance Team Chair, Lay Leader, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and several at-large members. Leader: Laura Klinger

Education Team

This team works in conjunction with the Education Director to plan for the needs of our Christian Education Department, secures required staff, and offers Vacation Bible School to our children and the community. The team consists of representatives of Christian Education teachers. Director: Ashley Zimmerman

Partners in Missions Team

This team works in conjunction with the Outreach Coordinator to organize mission activities and promote the missions we as a congregation support. This team consists of a team chair and at large members. Chair: John Stewart

While these are the formal ministry teams, they are by no means our only ministry teams. All members are encouraged to use their gifts and talents to serve the Lord. A variety of activities and events listed on the following pages provide opportunities to enjoy fellowship and serve on short-term teams. We are proud to be a permission-giving church. If you have a talent you would like to share or if there is a team you would like to serve on, please see the Outreach Coordinator.