Vacation Bible School at Gravel Hill

Each year we welcome 150+ kids and volunteers for VBS.  Each year is a different theme circling around God’s love and grace for all of us. The kids generally collect money or a local mission theme. They usually raise more than expected for their chosen group.

Our 2024 Vacation Bible School, “SCUBA: diving into friendship with God,” runs from June 17-20, 6-8 pm. Kids are invited back to sing in worship on June 23. It is for Preschool: 4 years by June 1 thru pre-kindergarten graduate (must be potty trained– no Pull Ups) to Elementary kids: entering K-5th grade graduate.

Each year VBS has a different mission for which they collect.  This year, the nightly offering will be going to the Gretna Glen Camping Ministry.

Please complete your registration online or by filling in the PDF and turning a printed copy into the church office.

Interested in being a volunteer at VBS?

Please complete the Volunteer Application Packet and return to the office. If you have questions, please contact office@gravelhillumc.org