A Moment To Praise 9.13.21

Joyce Lochinger

Joyce Lochinger, Gravel Hill Worship Leader

Action Matching Word?

I read that in a recent survey that 65% of Americans identify themselves as Christians.


That means that the vast majority of people around you and me say they are believers and followers of Christ. However, when some people who say they are believers, it is hard to recognize that they are guided by the God of scripture. How many times have you witnessed unforgiving behavior from a fellow Christian? They may demonstrate hatred and dislike of others who are not like them, or people who look, think, or vote differently? I know we’ve seen all of that in the past few years. However, is that Christlike behavior? Is it a demonstration of an eternity-gaining witness?

How about those who profess belief in Christ and not of the things of this world, yet they cannot stop trying to figure out ways to make more money? They must have bigger homes, drive newer cars, or own the latest trend. Some of these strong desires lead to people’s justification for cheating “just a little” on their taxes, or lying “just a smidge” about their financial situations. Is that behavior propelling us towards the things of this world, or towards things of heaven?

What Are You Living For?

These are a few obvious examples, but there are other small behaviors that cause God to have pain over his children. I’ve witnessed an example of purposeful deception while eating in a restaurant. At times, I’ve been close enough to overhear people scheming about how they can get a free meal. I’ve seen people eat most of their meal then complain about it, argue, and end up getting a free dinner.  It’s unbecoming, and a behavior that is less than honest and sincere, especially for people who claim to be followers of Christ.

We as believers have to be so very careful about we are out to achieve. Are we out to gain an everlasting eternal life for our soul? Or are we out to gain the world?

A Moment To Praise 9.13.21 in Scripture
Mark 8:36 NIV – Bible Gateway

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?


That passage is pretty clear. What good does it do you to have all of the things of this world? Money, houses, cars, wealth and recognition? When you leave this earth, you have done nothing but lose your soul. Your soul is made to be eternal and has the opportunity to live on with Christ in eternity. I, for one, don’t want to lose my soul for this world.

A Moment To Praise 9.13.21 in Song

TobyMac – Lose My Soul (feat. Terrian) (Live In Denver)

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