A Moment To Praise 7.19.21

Joyce Lochinger

Joyce Lochinger, Gravel Hill Worship Leader

Dwelling & Joy

On Sunday, July 11, we had a wonderful worship experience at our church.

We had many people return for the first time since gathering restrictions were placed with wonderful lively worship in all three services. We even had the affirmation of growth and new life in Christ with two infant baptisms. What an exciting day it was! There was a different feeling in the church for worship that I hadn’t felt since pre-pandemic. Numerous people even commented on it! There was an atmosphere of joy and excitement!

My desire is for worship to be like that every Sunday we gather together! To feel the joy and anticipation of what God will do on any given day is truly a blessing.

A Moment To Praise 7.19.21 in Scripture

God wants us to be in His house. Here’s scripture to prove it.

Exodus 25:8-“Then have them make a sanctuary(A) for me, and I will dwell(B) among them.

The first part of the scripture is instruction from God. He asks us to “make a sanctuary for [Him]”; a place to worship in. The second section is the best part in my opinion. God says: “and I will dwell among them.”

That scripture personifies exactly what I was feeling as we worshiped: God dwelling among us! He was not just visiting or popping in and out. Instead, He was dwelling. He was present in our singing, in our fellowship with one another, in our laughter as we listened to the humorous but deeply serious sermon Pastor Dan presented. He was there, God breathed, Holy Spirit filling us up and abiding within our midst. How much more could we ask for?

His presence extended to our food truck fellowship after worship as well. Many of our members and the community came together to eat, have fun, and just talk. God’s sanctuary exists anywhere that we allow His presence to enter. Think about joining us next week in person in the house of the Lord where He is present and we shout out His praise.

A Moment To Praise 7.19.21 in Song

Have a great week!