A Moment To Praise 5.17.21

Joyce Lochinger

Joyce Lochinger, Gravel Hill Worship Leader

Relying on…

Jesus wants us to rely on him and to not rely on man! I know this is a true statement because it comes from the heart of God in scripture.

A Moment To Praise 5.17.21 in Scripture
Bible Gateway passage: Jeremiah 17:5 – Christian Standard Bible

Curse and Blessing – This is what the LORD says: Cursed is the person who trusts in mankind. He makes human flesh his strength, and his heart turns from the LORD.


It actually is a little stronger than what I first stated.  It says cursed is the person who trusts in mankind and makes human flesh his strength. That’s pretty strong. But I think I can understand what it means.

In my lifetime I have come across people who I thought would always be there for me, who would help me walk through a tough time, who would give me the strength I need through a difficult situation. And although many times these people have helped immensely, when push came to shove, I was in “it” alone in the end.  That is as far as human beings are capable of going. I am completely aware that there was always someone else in my corner all along, even in the times where I maybe looked past him, and that was Jesus!

How many times do you put too much faith in other humans? Or how about having too much trust in things of this world? We all have done it at one time or another. Then we grow up, spiritually.  We realize that the friends that we have, although they are blessings, might not always be there for us. Eventually they will disappoint because they have their own lives and their own stuff to deal with. In the end they are human and bound to let us down.

In The End

And all those things we try to accumulate won’t in the end make anything in our lives better, they will just leave us empty and spent as we try to buy our happiness one trinket, one car, one boat, one house at a time. I have found the only one who shares my sorrow and my sadness as well as my joys completely is Jesus.  He has been there all the time. And he wants to be there helping us always.

I caution you to be careful of putting all your faith in the world, in friends, in jobs, and in money. And I encourage you to fall back on Jesus in all situations. First look to his guidance and direction.  Look to the peace that He gives out to those who rely on him. Look to the way he lived his life!

Please, if you find yourself feeling lost or separated from Christ, I encourage you to get connected with a church and go back to your roots. Go back to looking to Jesus for fulfillment and satisfaction. Believe me, the things of this world will never satisfy your heart’s needs. At some point, you will see that it was Jesus’ love for you all along that carried you through your hardest days and nights!

A Moment To Praise 5.17.21 in Song
Zach Williams, Dolly Parton – There Was Jesus (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for “There Was Jesus” with Dolly Parton now. Listen to #ThereWasJesus everywhere: https://ZachWilliams.lnk.to/RescueStoryAlbumO


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