Thankful Thursday 5-6-2021

This Side of Heaven

Thankful Thursday sees the sun shining. The sun offers its gifts of warmth, light, and energy continuously. Somedays clouds come between the sun and us blocking its direct gifts. From past experiences and the knowledge shared from scientists, we know the sun is still there providing for us.

Another son also provides for each of us continuously: Jesus Christ. He offers us the gift of eternal life. Nothing on earth can keep you from a relationship with Him. Satan will try to distract you or turn you away from being in relation with Jesus. But the experiences and knowledge of Christ’s provision, help you to know His relationship is always there waiting for you to enter into time with Him.

This relationship waits of each of us. It is not something another person can do for us. No one can have a “second-hand” relationship with Christ. We each have the choice to accept it through another gift we have also been given: free will.

Through free will, we can choose to enter into the gift of relation with Jesus Christ. It is a daily choice. One to make each day. Because it is always there waiting for us to be with us on this side of heaven through to the other side.

Blessings to you!

Thankful Thursday 5-6-2021 Experience Opportunities:

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