Moment To Praise For Kids 5.4.21


Joyce Lochinger

Miss Joyce 

I know we’ve talked about superheroes before. And I know that we all love stories about action figures who do great things! But I want to talk to you about real superheroes.

You know this past year has shown us that many people that we know and see in our own lives are more like superheroes than those we read about or watch in movies. A lot of the people I’m thinking about may be found in your neighborhood, your church, or in your own house. Do you know a doctor or a nurse? A teacher or a coach? Do you know a minister, church worker, daycare worker, babysitter, grocery store clerk… etc?

All these people are superheroes because they have been keeping things running in the middle of weird times! I’m sure you also know people who have been battling long illnesses, who have sick family members or friends whose parents have lost their jobs. They too are superheroes keeping everyday life going in the middle tough life events.

Maybe any one of these things describes you and your family. If so, I want to tell you that there is one super super hero that I haven’t forgotten to mention.  That’s Jesus! He tops the list of Superheroes! Read scripture to see why.

A Moment To Praise For Kids 5.4.21 in Scripture

Bible Gateway passage: Luke 19:10 – GOD’S WORD Translation

Indeed, the Son of Man has come to seek and to save people who are lost.”

Jesus has the power to save all of us. From this world and from the sin in it. He specifically came for all of us who were lost in our ways to sin. So that we could have happiness and joy in him. Remember that the things that happen on this earth are only for a short time and will pass, but Jesus and eternity with him is forever. Always be strong in the Lord and lean on his superhero abilities!

A Moment To Praise For Kids 5.4.21 in Song


Thanks to Hillsong Kids for this song: Superhero

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Here’s a super nutritious snack craft that is sure to make you strong like a superhero! Give it a try.  All you need are pretzel sticks, cheese cubes, grapes, and olives.  Any or all of those things will make some pretty cool and easy to lift barbells! Not to mention yummy!


Miss Joyce