A Moment To Praise 4.12.21

Joyce Lochinger

Joyce Lochinger, Gravel Hill Worship Leader


It’s a scary thought – sharing your testimony to the world!

But after Easter Sunday morning and the message about Mary, I began to think about what Jesus told her.  When Mary finally recognized Jesus, he told her to not hold on to him because he had not yet ascended to his Father and then he said to her to go and tell the disciples what you have seen. That He (Jesus) was alive and not dead in the tomb.

If you think about how Mary must have felt, you can see how she might have been torn.  Was that really Jesus?  What will the disciples say to me, will they believe me? Will Jesus be there when the men return? So many fears and doubts.

Through Fears and Doubts

Aren’t we like that too. Full of fears and doubts?

Like these: “If I invite someone to church will the service be as good as I want them to see? If a friend sees me not at my best, will they think less of me and my walk with God? The Bible says go into the world and tell everyone about Christ, no way! That’s kind of scary!”

We do have fears and concerns especially when it comes to that last command, to go into the world and tell everyone about what Jesus has done for us. Oh, it’s not that we are afraid to speak to people, we do it all the time. We tell funny stories, we speak to our friends and neighbors when we’re out at the store or in the yard, we even are friendly with mere acquaintances – in general we run our mouths all the time and the things we say are sometimes for the good of all and sometimes, well, not so much.

We have to be careful that we are staying on the godly path with our language and conversations and that we are following the directive of scripture. Most importantly we should be striving to share God in every little conversation we have. God was serious when he said that we should go into the world and make disciples of everyone by sharing what God has done in your own lives. This scripture puts an exclamation point on what I’m trying to say.

A Moment To Praise 4.12.21 in Scripture
Bible Gateway passage: 2 Timothy 1:8 – Modern English Version

So do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me, His prisoner. But share in the sufferings of the gospel by the power of God,


It’s very clear that we are to tell our testimony to others so that they can see and hear that God is good.  If we spent all of our time rejoicing and praising God with our words and witness there wouldn’t be time for any other kind of talk.

So – search your heart and remember your personal walk to becoming a Christian.  Remember how Jesus saved you and how you began a life of honoring him.  And then share it! Make sure that everyone knows that you have a story of your own and you want the world to know about it!

A Moment To Praise 4.12.21 in Song

Have a blessed day and enjoy this song.

My Testimony | Acoustic | Elevation Worship

The acoustic version of “My Testimony” from the album, Graves Into Gardens by Elevation Worship “My Testimony” is available everywhere now: https://elevation