Thankful Thursday 4-1-2021

Grief and Gratitude

Thankful Thursday mixes grief with gratitude. As I reflect on the gift of salvation that is offered to each of us through reading the scriptures, gratitude comes from my heart, but grief overwhelms me. Thinking upon the selflessness, love, and care that went into the greatest sacrifice of all thrown at the horrible, gruesome torture surrounded with the shame, scorn, and distain around the events that happened a little over two thousand years age, a dark sadness sweeps over my being.

It is in this somber, reflective mood that many Christians gather to remember: the sacrifice, the love, and the action taken to gift us each eternal life. As you walk through these next several days, pause and remember. Read the scriptures sharing the journey our Lord and Savior took to offer the gift of eternal life to you and to me. He loves you SO much! And He wants you to be with Him in eternity. The choice is yours through one of His other gifts: free will. I pray that you take time with the Lord and receive His call upon your life.

Blessings to you!

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