Thankful Thursday 3-18-2021

Confident Connection to Action

Thankful Thursday trickles rain water down the gutters creating a soothing sound. The domino effect is the soft snores coming from the brown hound of our household, Cooper. These sounds along with a roof over my head and warmth-giving fire offer comfort and protection from the cold, harsh, raw rain outside.

While I’m grateful for these physical elements of comfort, the spiritual comfort I receive from time with God is incomparable. From these moment, instilled confidence grows from knowing who’s I am and that ultimately all glory is God’s. No matter what life events occur, big or small, God uses all of them. He connects with us and those around us. The question is “Am I looking to God each step of the way so I follow His calling on my life?”

Jesus modeled living this action out. He paused for time in prayer to connect with God. Always connecting with God and through Christ’s action many others were blessed. During this season of Lent, a season of anticipation of something bigger and better than life as we know it now, I challenge you to revisit scripture and follow Jesus actions with your own life. Go to God in prayer.

There will be challenges. Greatness will appear too. Know this: you are part of His story. He loves you!

Find your confidence in Him. Talk with Him in prayer. Listen to Him through scripture. Feel the Holy Spirit nudge you into action. And give Him the glory!

Blessings to you!

Thankful Thursday 3-18-2021 Experience Opportunities:

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Book Study of Entering the Passion of Jesus A Beginner’s Guide to Holy Week with Pastor Dan will be offered two ways: on Sundays at 9:10 AMĀ  in Holy Grounds or Wednesdays from 6:30 – 7:30 pm over Zoom. To join, please RSVP for Sundays or email the office for the Wednesday zoom link: Books can be purchased on Amazon and Cokesbury, but are not necessary to participate.

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