Thankful Thursday 3-11-2021


Thankful Thursday calls me outside with its gorgeous rays of sun offering the bright light of clarity and warmth. And I will take it! I see that cooler temperatures will have me back inside soon to spring clean our home. So today I will get outside for some inspiration from nature, movement to build my energy levels, and space to allow my thoughts and dreams for our home to fully flow.

This past year has given many folks the chance to face their living environment and decide, “How does ____ (name the inspected item here) serve me, my family, or our home?” If that item (which may have been really helpful in an earlier chapter of your life) no longer serves well in your home, it needs a new environment (donation if in good condition or recycled or trashed if not). What boundaries or limits have you established?

Boundaries or limits help protect us in the decision making process of what is needed, useful, or good. Does this keep you “safe” from unwanted, hurtful, or bad things? No, but it certainly cuts down on the chances of them.

Limits apply not only to our homes, but also our thought life and relationships with others. You can use the editing question offered above as you reflect on your thoughts and your relationships. If your thoughts or relationships are serving you well, keep them close and care for them. If they are not serving you well, distance and space are needed.

Are you working on defining the limits for yourself and/or your family and home? Paul offers direction to help guide your decision-making process in Philippians 4:8. With God’s guidance, you’ve got this!

Blessings to you!

Thankful Thursday 3-11-2021 Experience Opportunities:

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