A Moment To Praise 2.1.21

Joyce Lochinger

Joyce Lochinger, Gravel Hill Worship Leader


As we are approaching Super Bowl Sunday, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about champions. As I started thinking about what it means to be a champion, I realized that usually I don’t feel much like one! I feel more like a broken vessel!

Are you a broken vessel? Have you become a mere shadow of who you used to be? Has life left you feeling like you are spent and emptied? Broken? The reason for these feelings doesn’t matter, nor does it matter why it happened. If you feel this way, you are not alone.

I know that I’ve been there, and I do believe that we have all been in this mindset at least once in our lives. The craziness of this world and life in general have a way of bogging us down. When we get to this point, we make a choice to not look outwardly, but instead choose to focus into our own troubles and burdens. Often, we forget that we are not alone.

However, more importantly, we forget that God has a plan for our lives. God can take us when we are at our weakest and use us. We can go from broken vessels to completely restored, useful vessels for Him! Here is scriptural proof.

A Moment To Praise 2.1.21 in Scripture

Jeremiah 18:4

Bible Gateway passage: Jeremiah 18:4 – English Standard Version

And the vessel he was making of clay was spoiled in the potter's hand, and he reworked it into another vessel, as it seemed good to the potter to do.


There are so many times in my life that I can recall feeling low, like I had nothing to give: a broken vessel. But then, I started listening to God more closely through friends, or even acquaintances, who would share how God had used me to help them through something difficult. It is in moments like these that it’s easy to realize that God wants you to pay attention to Him and those who are in need around you.

He wants us to pay less attention to ourselves and to listen for His affirmation through all of the things of this world. I guarantee you that He is talking to us loud and clear. He wants us all to be victorious through Him, to be champions! No more broken pieces trying to figure out how to become whole. He wants us to be whole, useful, and beautiful pieces of His creation. “Un”broken vessels! Champions with and for Him!

A Moment To Praise 2.1.21 in Song

Please remember as you move through this month of February that God is ready to use you, and that He has the winning game plan. He is the ultimate Champion of the world.  He wants to put you on his championship team! Suit up and run out onto the field with Him! Check out this amazing song called Champion!

Champion – Maverick City Music x UPPERROOM

Official Music Video “Champion” featuring Brandon Lake and Maryanne J. George by Maverick City Music and UPPERROOM. “Champion” was written by Brandon Lake, …


Have a great week!