Thankful Thursday 12-31-2020

What We Have

Thankful Thursday rests on the eve of a new year. The countdowns run quickly towards the strike of midnight (and in some places around the world, it has already struck!) The gift of these moments offer the opportunity to reflect on the year that has passed, the person we currently are, and the hopes held for our moments ahead.

As I ponder the each of these areas, my a piece of my dad’s advice keeps running through my head: “Use what you have to create what you need.” In looking back through the year, I come upon memories that I treasure in my heart of time with my family, freedom from a packed schedule to peacefully enjoy the beauty of the outdoors like I did as a kid, and time to explore my expectations for my life and their impact. Each of us chooses intangibles which fill our lives and impact our path.

Reflections to Creation

The reflections of all that is in my life brought a song to mind: Tis a Gift To Be Simple. (Enjoy this beautiful version by Yo Yo Ma & Alison Krauss.) Our lives abound with gifts and blessings. From each breath we take to perseverance and determined forward movement we make that evolves our character within us, our fortitude in life grows as we look to God to guide our steps for He is with us through each and every one. We create our lives with the support around us and the things upon which we train our eyes. As we ready ourselves to step forward into a new day, I praise and thank God for the simple gifts he has given me and will give me to create my life.

Blessings to you!

Thankful Thursday 12-31-2020 Experience Opportunities:

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