Thankful Thursday 12-17-2020

A Great Light

Thankful Thursday looks to our night sky around sunset. And we will continue to do so each night in the week ahead. Why? Jupiter and Saturn creep closer together each night. On December 21, they will be at their closest point before beginning to separate in distance again.

NASA calls the event: The ‘Great’ Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Others refer to the event as the ‘Christmas Star.’ NASA’s article provides great background on how the Great Conjunction was discovered, how it occurs, and links and recommendations for viewing the event. Begin looking tonight to spot the planets near the southwest horizon just after sunset. Then you know where to look on the Monday night for the big event!

Gift From God

As we prepare to give gifts to each other, the Christmas Star event harkens thoughts of the action the wise men took all those years ago as they journeyed to find the Greatest Gift ever: Jesus Christ. Read more about their journey in Matthew 2. As we near the celebration recognizing the Greatest Gift ever offered to each and every one of us: salvation through Jesus Christ, take a moment to connect deeper with your Lord and Savior in the scriptures. He has some amazing stories, lessons, and connections that continually speak to the ever changing situations of life today.

Shedding light where darkness appears deepest. Loving you right where you are. Offering hope for a brilliant future.

Blessings to you!

Thankful Thursday 12-17-2020 Experience Opportunities:

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Wednesdays Advent Worship over Zoom. Pastor Dan & Pastor Doug are leading. For information on joining the 6:30 pm Advent Worship on Wednesdays, please email the church office.

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