A Moment To Praise 12.14.20

Joyce Lochinger

Joyce Lochinger, Gravel Hill Worship Leader

Christmas Lights

Who drives around looking at Christmas lights? I do!!! I have done this all my life.  It was a great past time when I was a kid.  My sister reminded me of another great Christmas light memory recently.

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, our little neighborhood would light up a Christmas tree on the corner of the two main roads that led into our little village. It was always a tradition that we would happily, after eating leftover turkey of course, take a walk and end up at the tree. The neighbors would all gather there and we would sing some carols and then walk home. Such a simple and sweet time! But even thinking about it now gives me such warm feelings of a bygone tradition.

My mom and dad were also big on drives.  We logged many hours in the car looking at lights all around our county!

Fast forward a few years to my college days.  Shawn (my hubby) would always pick me up from school on his way home for the week end and somehow, we would end up driving around looking at lights.  I especially liked this one particular home of a family who made a whole production out of decorating.  There would be a line just to drive by their home. They also collected money for the Pittsburgh Children’s hospital and helped many families throughout the year by shining their lights. This home could be seen from miles around! What a sight to experience.

Thinking about the brightness of those light made me think of the true light of the world, Jesus the Messiah. If those Christmas lights could be seen all over, just imagine how far the light of Christ can be seen and felt.  How far reaching it is.  He came into this dark world to illuminate the path for us that leads to eternity and to life ever after in his presence. He did this for the entire world!

A Moment To Praise 12.14.20 in Scripture
JOHN 8:12 ESV – I Am the Light of the World – Bible Gateway

I Am the Light of the World – Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”


Jesus is the true light that cannot be out shone by anything that man could create, including massive light displays. Next time you’re checking out the area Christmas spirit, remember that Christ shines brighter and is always available to help you walk in the light and not in darkness.

I have attached an article that is a brief history of Christmas lights. Check it out: The History of Christmas Lights on Houses for an interesting read. This was my favorite tid bit – initially in Europe candles were placed in windows so that Christians could signal other Christians that they would be welcome to come in and worship together! That’s so cool!

A Moment To Praise 12.14.20 in Song

And our song for this week is attached featuring a unique Christmas light display featuring ‘Mary Did You Know’.


And have a great week!

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