Thankful Thursday 11-19-2020

Rest & Joy

Thankful Thursday sits one week out from the granddaddy of all days that give thanks. So today in our weekly tradition of noticing the ordinary and being grateful for it, we will focus on the gift of rest. As I glance at the other end of the couch, Cooper, our chocolate lab, is perfectly demonstrating the importance of resting.

The rhythmic rise and fall of his body calls me to slow my breathing to his calm level. As I do, the muscles around my shoulders release and relax into peace. But wait, there is a tail happily pounding the cushion beside me, and yet his eyes are closed!

Just like Cooper, we can find joy and happiness in rest. Over the past week, I’ve found myself taking some daytime naps. And I feel better upon awaking! Inspecting the going-on of life with all of its question marks and unknowns, I exhaust myself with to-do lists, connecting with peopleĀ  (electronically these days), and preparing for my tomorrows with both a plan and backup plan. I need to revisit my connection with Jesus more frequently. Because it is spending time with Him and in His Word, where I follow the instruction in Mark 6:31.

In the quiet time with Jesus, I find renewal and rest. And I find the connection to the joy behind all the tasks that exhaust me when I’m not approaching them from a perspective with Jesus. I’m so grateful for my personal relationship with Jesus, the rest that it brings, and the joys with which it fuels my life. I pray that you may find rest and joy in spending some time with Jesus today.

Rest, Joys, & Blessings to you!

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