A Moment To Praise 11.9.20

Joyce Lochinger

Joyce Lochinger, Gravel Hill Worship Leader

The Places You Go

We all go there! You know the place. Where worry catches up with us and we feel like nothing is secure. This year has been one of those years for most, I would imagine. I have heard people say, when unexpected or unwanted things have come their way; ‘its’ 2020, what do you expect?”. So, I know this year has been one of uncertainty, anger, frustration and fear. That is one thing from 2020 that I am sure of 🙂

In my life time, I can only remember feeling this way a few times. Uncertain, sad and fearful. One was at the death of my father, about 18 years ago now. I always had relied on him to listen and to give guidance and most importantly unwavering love. I remember feeling at a loss and uncertain for a long time (even sometimes to this day, when I wish I could talk to him again!) Weird how grief never ends.

The other time was when Shawn lost his job of 28 years. I was so unsure of what we would do and how we make it. I also was very angry!  Especially when we had two daughters in college and paying for that massive debt! I worried about our future and theirs too.

But then I read this scripture attached and I know that even when things on this earth are difficult, God has not abandoned us!

He holds us dearly in his hands.

A Moment To Praise 11.9.20 in Scripture
Psalm 16:5 NLV – The Lord is all that I am to receive, – Bible Gateway

Psalm 16:5 New Life Version (NLV). 5 The Lord is all that I am to receive, and my cup. My future is in Your hands.


Many times in my life, including the above mentioned ones, I have had to stop myself from my fearful thoughts and remember what God has in His mind for me.  What his Son did on the cross to assure me that I am valuable and that He won’t let me flounder. I have heard the voice of God through scripture many time speak to me and say; “Joyce, just be still and know that I am God!” I like this version too. Stop your striving… and recognize that (you are not God) I am God!

Psalm 46:10 NET Bible
He says, “Stop your striving and recognize that I am God!

He clearly is telling us to take a breather from our struggles and come to Him with our worries, fears, troubles where He will give us peace for our minds.

I hope you have peace this week and a thankful heart for the mercy and grace God showers down on us at all times.  Especially in the times of strife.

A Moment To Praise 11.9.20 in Song

I love the peacefulness of this song – please listen to it in a quiet time and let it help you reflect on God and his love for us!

Kim Walker-Smith – Just Be (Official Lyric Video)

Official Lyric Video for “Just Be” by Kim Walker-Smith, available now Get the song here: https://jcltr.lnk.to/JustBe SUBSCRIBE to the Jesus Culture channel: …


By the way, God has shown me that He is in control even when I couldn’t see past my troubles.  God has given me a sense of peace about my father. I know he is safe in heaven and that he waits there for me and my family one day.  I have my wonderful memories and I see his face in the eyes of my children and in the work they have chosen to do with their lives.  So I know he lives on.

And God showed Shawn and I an even better job and way of life through the loss of his former position.  God had something better out there for us!

He is always faithful.  We just have to be …in his presence.