Thankful Thursday 11-5-2020

Changing Weather

Thankful Thursday has me grateful after reflecting. Last evening on our walk with Cooper, I thought a had dressed appropriately. As we set out on our walk, I was comfortable in my attire with the brisk pace we were keeping.

As we walked further on our loop, the elevation descended to a lower area that met us with several degree lower temperatures. Maybe I should have thrown on a heavier sweatshirt. These lower temperatures increased the speed of our steps for sure! I was ready to get to the top of the hill where I knew warmer weather awaited us!

What I was not prepared for was the return portion of our loop. As we walked toward home, a breeze coming at us from the East/Southeast that felt as if it had just come out of a hairdryer! Would it make sense to take off my long sleeve? No, because it was alternating with a cooler breeze that made my face feel like it going from in front of hot oven to the freezer door. It gave me a pins and needles feeling on my skin!

I was certainly glad to make it home last evening as the crazy temperature experiences had us scratching our heads. While this isn’t the weather we normally have in November, I am not complaining! I’m grateful for the experience. The best part of all: God was in each and every moment of that experience: the changing temperatures, beautiful scenery surrounding us, and in the spring in our steps.


As a reminder, you can listen in to this week’s read-along Dr. Seuss story, McElligot’s Pool, from Pastor Dan tomorrow on Gravel Hill’s YouTube channel. Grab your favorite snack. Settle in and enjoy!

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