Thankful Thursday 10-29-2020

Thankful Thursday rains down with a thirst-quenching blanket of calm. Cooper, our dog, happily used the call of this rain blanket to curl up into a sleepy ball. I’m sure this will continue as long as the rain does. I’ve learned that he takes his cues from the weather to his embrace of pacing each day.

When it is a sunny day, Cooper loves to have his morning time outside soaking up the sun. The rainy days, as today, are those for catching up on all his “beauty” sleep! And when the temperature begins to switch from the warmth of summer to the cool of fall, an extra spring appears in his step.

Welcomed Weather and People

While he lives into the weather each day brings, he radiates pure joy when getting to be with humans. He greets each of our family members in the morning with a wagging tail and head nudge. But he especially loves when visitors arrive at our home, as he seems to believe everyone that comes arrives for him. When the grandparents arrive, they are greeted not only with the tail wag and head nudge, but also with whines of happiness from Cooper. And yes, he gets loved on with words of greeting, belly rubs, and ear rubs. The love goes full circle in these greetings.

I see Cooper living life to the fullest through the range of weather to enjoying the presence of all the people in his life. From scripture, 1 Thessalonians 5 : 16-18, I read direction to do the same. Thankfully I know that with God’s help, I can rejoice and give Him praise as He crafts the atmosphere of each moment and weaves people into my life. My role is to find the joy in each of these and learn through appreciation of the gifts of presence.


As a reminder, you can listen in to this week’s read-along Dr. Seuss story, The Sneetches, from Pastor Dan tomorrow on Gravel Hill’s YouTube channel. Grab your favorite snack. Settle in and enjoy!

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