A Moment To Praise 10.26.20

Joyce Lochinger

Joyce Lochinger, Gravel Hill Worship Leader

Fresh Milk

Growing up in rural western Pennsylvania, I experienced things that are not common in this day and age. We walked a long way to school or the school bus stop, and we didn’t have snow delays or closures. On days off of school, we played outside from right after breakfast until dinner time. We didn’t have cell phones, but we sure could tell what kind of mood our mothers were in from hearing their voices calling us in from blocks away. I grew up quite simply, and in a much simpler time than now.

Even so, one of the most memorable things in my young life that I absolutely loved was going to the dairy farm and getting milk. The milk was so fresh, it was basically right from the cow. There was a store front right in the barn itself, which made going to get milk a very fun event in my little life!

However, one day that changed! My older sister had just gotten her license and my parents gave us explicit directions. My sister was to drive herself and me to get the weekly milk order. Now, there were 4 of us kids plus my dad who drank milk, so we had several glass milk jugs to fill. We made it to the farm safely, got the half gallon jugs filled, and headed back home.

Job To Do

My job was to sit with the glass bottles at my feet and not let them bang together or spill. I was five, but I felt like I could handle that job! Well, news flash: I could not! The road to the farm was bumpy and windy, and my sister was a new driver so she may have been going a bit too fast (sorry, Sis). The bottles clanged together, and broke and spilled milk EVERYWHERE in my dad’s Corvair convertible, which he loved! I was petrified. I am sure I didn’t want to go home because I thought I would be in great trouble.  I’m not sure what my sister thought either, but probably the same.

We got home, my parents saw what had happened, and they said, “Well, let’s get that cleaned up!” and that was the end of it! Unfortunately, it was very difficult to get all of the smell of the milk cleared out of the vehicle, so every ride in it from then on was a very smelly and sour reminder of the spilled milk. However, there was no crying over it, because my parents forgave and forgot and we all moved on.

A Moment To Praise 10.26.20 in Scripture

It’s just like that with God. We make messes, spill milk all over our lives. Yet, God tells us to clean it up and He forgives us and we move on.

Ephesians 4:32

I hope you know the life-giving feeling of being forgiven and also of forgiving! I also hope that you don’t know the smell of sour milk in a hot car. It is not pleasant! 🙁

Bottom line: the next time you feel like crying over spilled milk, think again! Clean it up and move on in God’s grace!

A Moment To Praise 10.26.20 in Song

Here’s a great song about forgiveness! Enjoy!

Forgiven by Crowder

Have a great week!