A Moment To Praise 10.19.20

Joyce Lochinger

Joyce Lochinger, Gravel Hill Worship Leader


Have you ever heard these common idioms that are often used to describe a person who has changed significantly? Did they:

turned over a new leaf?

really shook things up?

have a new lease on life?

start with a clean slate?

A Moment To Praise 10.19.20 in Scripture

All of these sayings indicate that someone has made a drastic change in their life. A lot of people think that such a thing is impossible. They are certain that people cannot change, or that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. It’s obviously idiom day! I’m here to tell you that this is simply not the case! I’ve seen it personally. Here is scripture that backs it up: 2 Corinthians 5:17

There is a person who I have known all my life and love very much who has recently made a complete, 180-degree change! Now, I know that they have not done this all on their own. In fact, you cannot truly change a bad habit, a lifestyle or a behavior without a lot of support. You also need a gentle, loving, encouraging presence in your life, and you need God!

Need for God

So, this person I’m referring to recognized the need for God in their life and made a bold step out in faith. They started talking to a friend who had become a pastor and who encouraged them to start Bible study. This person became an attendee at church services, on site and online. Even coronavirus didn’t deter this person from seeking God and His grace in their life.

Then, this person started talking about God. I’ll never forget the first conversation we had. It went something like this, “Hey Joyce, guess what? I started going to church and Bible study!”  I replied with a very excited, “Ahh! Really?” Then, we talked more and more about God and church. I get weekly little messages with Bible verses or Biblical quotes and stories.

Again, since I know this person very well, I have seen the complete change of heart and life. You wanna know the best part? I know that this person is a new creation because of the change that God made when He entered their heart. Does that mean that days and life circumstances are perfect? Of course not! It just means that through God, we all have a better way of handling them.

The even better part? When our life here on this earth is over, we will still be celebrating and rejoicing together in heaven! Thank you God for giving us numerous chances to gain eternal life! Thank you for never giving up on us!

Do you know someone who needs to hear the Good News? Don’t hesitate to tell them, and then sit back and watch God change them. Old dogs certainly can learn new tricks!

A Moment To Praise 10.19.20 in Song

Have a blessed day, and check out this song called “Change Me God“! It’s beautiful and powerful, too!

Have a great week!