Moment To Praise For Kids 10.13.20


Joyce Lochinger

Miss Joyce

How many of you have visited the apple orchard this fall? It’s the thing to do! I see all kinds of pictures on social media of friends and families going and picking their own apples. If you have gotten to do this, don’t you love how good it smells in an orchard? The sweet delicious fruit has a smell that makes your mouth water.

Of course, there are all of the yummy things that can be made with apples: applesauce, apple fritters, apple juice, apple cider, apple pies, apple cobbler, apple butter. Is your mouth watering yet? I know that mine is!

Did you know that apple trees are not the only living things that produce fruit? I’m sure you know that. You know that there are all kinds of other fruit and vegetable trees and plants that make some delicious treats as well. But, did you know that you can produce fruit too?

A Moment To Praise For Kids 10.13.20 in Scripture

God tells us that we can produce fruit in this scripture: Galatians 5:22-23

This Bible verse tells us that if we have accepted Jesus into our lives and believe in Him, God will give us the fruit of the spirit that others will see clearly in our lives. Look at the list again:








Gentleness and


I know as an adult, this list is hard to accomplish every day, all of the time. Fortunately for us, God is always gentle and lovingly working on our hearts to help us get there. Think about it. This list shows us the actions that God demonstrates toward us! Thank goodness He treats us the ways in which He does and not the ways in which we deserve to be treated!

A Moment To Praise For Kids 10.13.20 in Song

Listen to this song, Fruit of the Spirit by Go Fish, and enjoy looking for the fruit of the spirit in your life. See if you can remember them all.

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When you’re done listening, you might want to get an adult to help you make a treat from those apples you collect next time you go to the orchard or the store!

Have Fun!

Miss Joyce