Thankful Thursday 9-17-2020

Thankful Thursday greets my ears with the rhythms of nature. The humming white noise buzz of the insects provides the steady backdrop for the chirping crickets and calling birds. As I sit soaking up the many nature noises, I am awe of the variety and complexity of wildlife.

From the little cricket with big noise beside me to the winged grasshopper flying by to safety, the little guys of creation have big impact on this world. Each consistently does what it is created for. When we close our eyes, take a deep breath, and allow the blanket of nature’s symphony to cover us, our minds, bodies, and spirits slow down.

When we slow down, fall in line with the rhythm of nature, we allow restoration of our souls. Our thoughts calm. Muscles relax. And hearts beat more freely. Their only tasks: being open to be loved and to love. I’m grateful for nature and the calming force it bring to my soul to remember: I am loved and am built to love. John 3:16. Sending prayers for you to be loved and to love others today.


Thankful Thursday 9-17-2020 Experience Opportunities:

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Wednesdays Be In the Light Activities at Gravel Hill are currently canceled; however, look for worship services online on our Sunday Sermon page.

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