A Moment To Praise For Kids 8.18.20

Summer Guidance

Joyce Lochinger

Miss Joyce

Hi kids and parents! Hope you’re enjoying your summer!

I definitely remember being a kid during the summer months! I couldn’t wait for vacation during which we would go camping and boating. Boating in our little aluminum boat was an activity I loved.

My dad would fire up the fifty-horsepower Firestone engine and we would putt out to the middle of the lake or river where we would fish, swim, sunbathe and inevitably get stranded! Yes, we would almost always get stuck! Our boat’s engine was very efficient in getting us to the middle of the water with no problem.

However, without fail, it would never start back up for the return trip and we would all have to pitch in to paddle ourselves back to shore! I’m sure this was annoying to my father, who spent many evenings prior to vacation at home working on the engine so that we wouldn’t get stranded in the middle of the lake. However, to me, it is a great memory of fun times.

My dad, always a hands-on kind of guy, would take the opportunity to guide us on how to use the oars or direct us as to who should get out and pull. All of us were working together towards a common goal! That common goal was to reach our mother, who very intelligently never went into the boat with all of us. She was always waiting on the shore, calling us to come back for dinner!

A Moment To Praise For Kids 8.18.20 in Scripture

Even though it was challenging, we learned what to do in this sort of situation by listening to the guidance of and knowledge of our father. We should emulate this scenario in living out our Christian lives. As young kids learning to love the Lord, we always must remember to lean on Him for guidance.

We should learn to live our lives as Jesus wants us to. We must also listen to God’s Word so we can navigate the waters of life in a positive, God-loving way. God is always watching out for us no matter which direction we turn; He promises to lead us wherever we are.


A Moment To Praise For Kids 8.18.20 in Song

Enjoy this fun song about guidance from our great God.

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