A Moment To Praise 8.3.20

Joyce Lochinger

Joyce Lochinger, Gravel Hill Worship Leader

No Place Like Home

Last week, I stumbled upon an article highlighting the behind-the-scenes events that occurred while filming the movie, Wizard of Oz. I must admit that I very much enjoy stories like that, so I took a few minutes and read the whole article. It was truly interesting and I learned some unique little nuances that I hadn’t known before. However, after I read the article and looked at the photos, I started thinking about the movie itself a bit more deeply.

There’s the very frightening tornado scene, which has always caused me anxiety…even to this day. There’s the good witch, and the wicked witch and her flying monkeys –  I don’t even want to discuss those guys! The scarecrow, tin man, and the cowardly lion are all unique and well-developed characters. There is the Wizard himself, the ruby slippers, and of course little Toto!

All of these elements make the movie so very special and enjoyable. While it is memorable, it’s definitely also a bit scary to watch! The movie provides a perfect mix of joyful things, trials, and nerve-wracking troubles all rolled into one amazing plot.

The Wizard of Oz kind of sounds like our daily lives to a degree, doesn’t it? Over the years, I’ve always remembered the famous saying always on Dorothy’s lips. From the minute she finds herself in an alternate universe, all the way through the movie when she escapes and is heading back home to her family in Kansas, Dorothy is always clicking her heels together, saying: “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!”

A Moment To Praise 8.3.20 in Scripture

As a Christian, I believe that we also should always have those words on our lips. There is no place like (our heavenly) home.

Christ tells us that in this world we will have troubles, but He has overcome this world! Hallelujah! https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=John+16%3A33&version=NIV

The more you read and understand this passage, the more it becomes very clear that we are placed here on this earth for a very short time. Truly, this earth is not our home. If we have the faith and belief that Jesus Christ died for us and only through believing in Him will we inherit eternal life, then we know that our true desire and longing should be for our heavenly home and the promise of an eternity spent with Christ. Perhaps, remembering this would change how we feel about some of the interactions we have in this world. When we are hurt by the harsh words of a friend, when we seem to be facing trials beyond our control, we can always remember that in our weakness, Christ is made strong. He has already defeated these things for us!


Because of His strength, we can boast in His power in our lives and thank Him for giving us the ability to overcome this world through His mighty touch on our souls. He brings us closer to our heavenly home, even while we live here on this earth.

So buck up my friends, click your heels together three times and say: “there’s no place like my heavenly home!” Take that empowerment and face the day with renewed energy. You can have faith in knowing that all of the trials we face in this life and all of the times that we are hurt and wounded by betrayal and unkindness will only help to lead us into a deeper relationship and reliance upon the Lord who loves us so much and has a place in His home for our eternal souls. Through all of the hard times of life, there is the promise of eternal blessing from God right here in our midst.

A Moment To Praise 8.3.20 in Song


Have a great week!