A Moment To Praise For Kids 7.14.20

Following God!

Joyce Lochinger

Miss Joyce

Hi kiddos and parents.  I hope that this day is a wonderful day for all of you!

I want to write to you today to talk about the importance of following Jesus. Very often, Jesus speaks about how important it is to follow Him in the Bible. After a quick Google search, I was able to locate twenty-three times that Jesus says to follow Him. That statement is obviously pretty important to Jesus and should be to us as well.

Why do you think Jesus wants you to follow Him? Is it because He wants you to have something to brag about? No! I’m sure not; Jesus wants us to be humble.

Okay, so that’s not it. Is it because He knows He is cool and wants you to be cool too? Well, Jesus is cool to those of us who love Him, but to non-believers, sometimes Jesus is made fun of and thought of as not cool.

So, that can’t be the reason. Actually, it’s because He wants you to have the greatest gift in the world that money can’t buy! He wants you to have treasure in heaven!

A Moment To Praise For Kids 7.14.20 in Scripture

Read along with this passage: Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me. -Matthew 19:21

What exactly is treasure in heaven? God tells us that we can’t take things from this earth to heaven, it just won’t happen. So, we can’t take toys, fancy clothes or tennis shoes, cell phones, TVs, iPads…you can complete the list. Even though this is true, there is a greater reward for a life lived in Jesus Christ. 

When it comes to rewards, the greatest reward every follower of Christ will receive is this: Seeing God face-to-face (Matthew 5:8; Revelation 22:4).

It will be an honor and a joy to see God face to face. It is a mystery that we cannot fathom here on earth. So, decide to follow Jesus for all the days of your life so that one day very far away from now, you will have the honor of seeing Him face to face!

A Moment To Praise For Kids 7.14.20 in Song

Here is a great song about following Jesus! Enjoy this one!

What exactly is 1: https://youtu.be/sEL0WpeH088

I Have Decided | Cave Quest VBS Music Video | Group Publishing

Enjoy the music…sing and dance along to the I Have Decided music video from Cave Quest VBS! Download this song today: https://music.apple.com/us/album/i-have...


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In line with our scripture that says to sell all of your possessions and follow Jesus, I thought you might like some ideas on having a garage/yard sale. The goal of this gesture is getting rid of stuff you don’t like or don’t need. You can take the money you earn and donate it to a charity for sick kids, like the Ronald McDonald House, or somewhere else that you would like to help out! You would be living out scripture and God will be pleased – I’m sure!

How to Have a Successful Garage Sale With Your Kids

Have a great week!

Miss Joyce