Thankful Thursday 6-25-2020

On today’s Thankful Thursday, my mind continues to travel to thoughts of dad’s creativity. Growing up, we used to watch a show on TV called MacGyver. If you’ve never seen the show, MacGyver is a top agent who uses his scientific knowledge and little more than a paper clip and duct tape to thwart his enemy while fulfilling his mission of righting the wrongs of the world. I loved watching this show with dad.

Real life Macgyver?

While watching the show was fun entertainment, the challenge to use what he had to create what he needed was ever present. While attempting his creations, he often shared about the commission for Christians to be good stewards of the gifts given to us. This included the land we live on, the supplies (or “stuff”) we use to live, and the people in our lives. So while he used clothes pins and tent lines to craft drying lines for the dish towels and wash rags, he modeled repurposing of every day items to gain even more function out of them.


There is another “Dad” who specializes in creating the impossible to become possible. Our Heavenly Father. He loves us dearly. When we turn to Him for our everything: guidance, direction, comfort, and joy, our eyes are opened to new perspectives and new thoughts. Mark 10:27 states: Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with Godall things are possible with God.”

An abundant supply of resources surround us waiting for us to use it to create. Where one may see impossible road blocks, God has gifted you with the vision and talent to create something the world needs. Like dad and MacGyver, use what you have to create what is needed. God and the world excitedly await your blessing. Cheering you on!


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