Thankful Thursday 6-11-2020

Thankful Thursday launches the value of perspective for our family today. When we see things one way, check with a trusted resource. Through these trusted resources, our misunderstandings can be corrected. Our hope and spirit renewed.

Today my one son came in from his work out in tears. When I asked him what was wrong, he said, “My workout.” “Please explain a little more.” I commented. He shared, “I’m only one third of the way complete and am not going to be able to finish it all.”

A couple of minutes later, my other son came in from the same workout. He asked his brother what was wrong. When the younger one said, “The workout.” His older brother asked “Why? You only have one more thing to do.”

Renewed Perspective

Upon hearing this comment, they looked at the workout together to find this latter statement to be true. The youngest believed he was going to have to complete the listed exercises three times through for the complete workout! When in reality, it was only the one exercise he had to do three times in a row.

The immediate relief that swept across his face was sweet to see! From tears to a smile in a matter of moments, his heart once again happy. I saw Proverbs 15:13 lived out before me: A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.”

I pray you seek Godly counsel with any of the tough stuff you may be facing. The greatest perspective of all: His! And He yearns for each of us to turn to Him.


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