Thankful Thursday 5-28-2020

Thankful Thursday offers contemplative time with the falling rain and our family dog modeling the benefits of being well-rested. My mind visit several conversations I have had the pleasure of sharing in this week. The topic of time consistently arose throughout the various conversations. As my mind pondered this frequent occurrence, it also recognized the musings of thoughts working together to grasp lessons and learning from the blanket pause button that has occurred on everyday life.

Shared observations include: what was everyday life in Mayberry, the 80s, and this past decade. Then conversations also shared a glimpse of life over the past two to three months. When visiting the impacts of these lifestyles and the good that has resulted from this pause, some common themes evolved. People getting outside and moving their bodies (I’ve even met many new neighbors on our walks with the dog!), pollution reduction opening views of Mt. Everest in India, and creative connecting of people and ideas becoming the seed of greatness for the future.

This great wake up to the importance of pausing and its impact on our lives beckons us to become more intentional with the gift of our time as we reenter the gathered community. As individuals and families begin to build new rhythms for their lives, remember this pause and its impact. Be intentional in curating space in your schedule. Pause. Get outside. Thoughtfully let an important person in your life know you are thinking of them.

Thank you Lord for your amazing gifts of time and space and connection!

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