A Moment To Praise For Kids 5.26.20
Joyce Lochinger

Miss Joyce

Oh Moses!

Hi kids and parents! Hope you’re having a great week and had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Today, I want us to remember the good things we have all around us and then, I want us to remember to thank God for them!

A Moment To Praise For Kids 5.26.20 in Scripture

Our scripture verse today comes from Exodus and it takes place immediately after God saved the Israelites, who were God’s chosen people led by Moses. The Israelites were saved from the Egyptians, who had enslaved and persecuted them. This story occurs after the story of the Parting of the Red Sea. Read what it says: Exodus 15:1

This passage is also called ‘Moses’ Victory Song’! God saved Moses from the attacking Egyptians and he immediately praised God for His goodness!

Do you ever do that? Do you ever just shout out a “Thank You, God”? It doesn’t have to be a 30 minute prayer, down on your knees in an empty room. It can be a heart whisper or a prayer inside your head. For example, when you’re on the playground and you see the school bully walk away from you, you can say; “Thank You God, You are good to me!” Or when you are taking a test and remember everything you studied, you can say: “Whew! Thank You God for helping through this!” You can even pray when you are facing something really scary. You can say: “God, I am going to thank You in advance for the good things You will provide for me”. God is always listening and always wants you to talk to Him in this way!

He wants your praise and your friendship! God wants you to call Him friend; it delights His heart!

A Moment To Praise For Kids 5.26.20 in Song

The attached song is a modern day ‘Moses’ Victory Song’ that comes straight from the Exodus scripture we just talked about.

It also is filmed on a beautiful lake. Watch it and then think about the ways we can rejoice in God’s goodness this summer.

I Will Sing Unto the Lord (Horse and Rider) | HLA Wilderness Escape VBS | Group Publishing

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After watching that awesome video, it made me think about this summer and how people will be staying closer to home for a “stay-cation” instead of a vacation. Here are some ideas for fun ways to spend the summer closer to home.


Have a great day! Hugs and love to you all!

Miss Joyce