A Moment To Praise 5.18.20

Joyce Lochinger

Joyce Lochinger, Gravel Hill Worship Leader

I am a firm believer in the fact that God speaks to us in many ways. In my lifetime, He has spoken to me through scripture, life events, and most often through people. In particular, He speaks to me through respected and loved people in my life who are good and Godly examples that I trust. So when I am struggling with a problem or when I’m feeling insecure over a new endeavor, I have learned to wait for a little bit of time and see who God sends my way with a message of either affirmation or maybe with a message of, “not quite yet”.

Recently, I was talking to Jenna about the state of the medical crisis we are currently in. I was asking her and Victor’s (my son-in-law) professional opinions as healthcare workers. In general, our conversation jumped all over the place, both positive and negative thoughts came out about what’s going on right now in our state and in our world. My feelings after this conversation, all though I try not to feel this way, led me to feel a sense of hopelessness. Def: Hopelessness: a feeling or state of despair; lack of hope.  Yes, that’s the feeling!

Now  here’s where the beginning of the devotion comes back into play. A few days after my conversation about hopelessness with my daughter, I got a text message from her. All it said was – you should write your next devotion on Psalm 42:11.  My return text to her was – 🤔 hmmm! That meant, “I know what you’re doing here child! You’re trying to mother your mother!” But it was actually very sweet! However, I must say that I didn’t really act on her words. In fact, I went right on with my day and forgot about the scripture she had sent. Quite frankly, I was too busy letting that hopeless feeling I had been nursing for a few days continue to hold court in my head. Shame on me!

A Moment To Praise 5.18.20 in Scripture

Now – fast forward to the next morning.  I sat down and I opened my devotions for the day and the scripture caught me attention. Let me remind you that this was the very next day after I had heard from my daughter about Psalm 42:11. What was the scripture, can you guess? Yup! Psalm 42:11


Exactly the scripture that she had asked me to please look at and use! It became so very clear that God was actually the one speaking to me and He was actively pursuing my mind!  I immediately told Jenna, whose response held a little smug, “I told you so!” type of tone. But I didn’t care, because she was right. She was being led by a God who chases us down at every turn, every step of our journey.  I am so thankful for a God who loves me that way and for children who have grown to listen to God and nurture their mother when she needs it! Which is sometimes often…Yikes! Did anyone else just hear both of my daughters saying, “you got that right!”?😊

A Moment To Praise 5.18.20 in Song

Our song for the day is called, “My World Needs You” by Kirk Franklin. I have never been more sure of that statement than now. We all need God to fill up this place and show us His face. And we need to keep the hope and peace we have that is only from Him, ever present in our hearts and minds as we walk through this journey called life. He is our only HOPE!


Have a peace-filled week in Him! And have hope!