A Moment To Praise For Kids 4.14.20
Joyce Lochinger

Miss Joyce

Hi kids and parents too!

Checking in with you to see how you’re holding up. I hope you are well and had a great day celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus.

When I think about Easter, of course I think about Jesus! I think about what He did for us on the cross. But, I also think about getting together with family, a big meal, Easter baskets, candy, egg hunts, and going to church!

Some of those things didn’t happen yesterday, did they? Did you miss them? I sure missed seeing you all in church, and I missed hearing you sing for Easter Sunday!

One Thing Did Not Change!

There is one thing that being stuck at home didn’t change in any way! You know the answer, don’t you?  Shout it out if you know it!

That’s right! It didn’t change the fact that Jesus still rose from the dead and that we still have the hope of eternity through the power of Jesus Christ! Do you want to know the part of the story that’s even better? Jesus gives us all the power which He has through God when we call upon His name. That means that we can do anything that will honor and glorify God no matter how difficult the task. God will give us the same power that it took to raise Jesus from the dead!  Wow! That’s actually amazing to think about!

A Moment To Praise For Kids 4.14.20 in Scripture

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Use God’s Power!

As you go about this week, might I encourage you to push yourself to believe in the power that God gives to you and to use it to come up with ways to make this time of quarantine better for you, your family and maybe even your community?

Always remember that God is powerful and unshakable. He always gives us hope for a better day!

A Moment To Praise For Kids 4.14.20 in Song

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Maranatha Kids – You’re Powerful


A Moment To Praise For Kids 4.14.20 Learn More

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