A Moment To Praise 4.13.20

Joyce Lochinger

Joyce Lochinger, Gravel Hill Worship Leader

Happy Easter! I hope that you had a beautiful day celebrating Jesus’ resurrection. What a great feeling of joy! We have the assurance that the tomb is empty and the Lord has arisen; He defeated sin and death and He lives! Because of that, so can we!

But wait…are you still living in the tomb? You will have to take a deep look at your feelings at the present moment.  Right now, many of us are living in fear. Fear of the next news report, fear of the next phone call about a loved one or friend, fear that we may not have a job. Fear that we may never get back the life that we now realize wasn’t that bad after all. Does that resonate with you? If it does, then you are still living in the tomb!

I joked with a friend the other day about our current situation, saying: “I can keep myself together for about 4 days at a time and then I have a mini meltdown, pause, pick myself back up and I refocus. Then I am good to go for another 4 days!” Notice in that comment where I said; “I refocus”?

I have to readjust the lens that I am using to view life and my circumstances. Why is that necessary, even for a Christian who believes wholeheartedly in the resurrection of Jesus Christ? A person who knows that God is in control? There are two reasons (at least for me). The first one is easy: it’s because I am human! Thankfully, God understands our thoughts and feelings: because He created them! And amen to the fact that He doesn’t hold those human tendencies against us! Whew! The second reason is because I allow, yes allow, thoughts other than God-driven thoughts into my realm of existence. My friends, that is a recipe for disaster, doubt, anxiety, and fear! I am reminded of the scripture out of Philippians 4:8 where we are reminded of how we are to direct our thoughts.

A Moment To Praise 4.13.20 in Scripture


We live in the sin of our human existence. I joke about it, but it’s true. Every day that I wake up, I sin! Whether it’s things that I do (sins of commission) or things that I don’t do but know I should (sins of omission). In thinking about yesterday, Easter Sunday, and the meaning of the cross and the empty tomb, I know and believe with all of my heart that only deep and abiding faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ will roll the stone away from our everyday tombs. When this happens, we are freed from sin!

A Moment To Praise 4.13.20 in Song

Remember, because He died and was raised from the dead, we can also live! We can be free to live life to its fullest, knowing that He holds our future and our lives in His capable hands. Because He Lives!


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