A Moment To Praise For Kids 3.24.20

Hi kids (and parents too!) –

Checking in this week with a funny little picture of my current house guest! She’s my daughter and son in law’s parrot, a sweet little green cheeked conure, named Sammy!

Now, Sammy likes to get into mischief. All of the time – including in this picture where I caught her red-handed with a piece of the puzzle we were working on. Usually when this happens, she tries to eat whatever she’s taken or she tries to fly back to her cage carrying her prize! The funny thing with the puzzle piece was that she wasn’t trying to fly away with it or even nibble on it. It was like she knew what we were doing and she was trying to lend a hand, or a wing, or a talon…I guess that’s what her little feet are called! 🙂

This makes me think about what God desires from us. He asks us to use our talents in a way that will be helpful to everyone and to glorify Him. Mostly, He asks us to do all of this in unity, or with kindness to one another.  Not all of us have the same gifts or abilities, but we can do our part and be grateful when others chip in to help.  Just like Sammy was trying to do.

A Moment To Praise For Kids 3.24.20 in Scripture

Click on this scripture and see what God says to all of us when it comes to working together.


A Moment To Praise For Kids 3.24.20 in Song

Last week in church we would have sung a song called Let’s Get A Little Crazy! I thought I would include that with our devotion today.

The first line says:

Yea, we’re all in this together and we’re having fun!

We’re here to spread the love of God to everyone…

Make sure you’re having fun! Work together in your family. Make sure you’re being kind. And make sure you’re spreading God’s love any way you can.  Draw a picture and email them to relatives, make phone calls, FaceTime with friends.  Think of some things to do and step out in faith and do them. Until next week, I expect you to get a little crazy for God!

Click below for “Let’s Get A Little Crazy!”


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