A Moment To Praise 3.23.20

A Moment To Praise 3.23.20

Hi Everyone!

Do you have a moment to praise with me today?  I sure hope so!

Hope that your weekend was blessed and that you are all healthy and coping as best as can be expected! I am praying for you all daily!

I have seen so many people on social media or the television say that they are tired of this.  I’ve said it myself, “I can’t wait until this is over!” You know, I have had a little rant about it, a little pity party for myself! Can any of you relate? Where can I go for refreshing news or thoughts? Where can I go when I’m spent, exhausted, or tired?

Forgive me while I digress for a moment. The phrase “I’m tired!” always makes me giggle to myself. Let me explain. As some of you know, I lead the littlest of worshipers at Gravel Hill in the Kidz Choir. We practice weekly and it’s usually a fun, raucous time;  that is until we get to the serious stuff of rehearsing! Then the moans and groans start. What do I hear the most? I hear complaints of “…but Miss Joyce, I’m too tired to stand up!” Of course I and my helpers always make a joke about them being “oh so tired” and move on with the practice.  But secretly, I must admit that some days, I feel exactly the same way…tired!

A Moment To Praise 3.23.20 in Scripture

Scripture expresses to us that this is not a foreign emotion for those of us living in this world or even those living centuries before us. Let me share with you Jesus’ words about this very feeling:

(click the scripture below)


Jesus says to give our burdens over to Him and He will give us rest. Physical rest? Maybe. Emotional rest? Certainly. Let’s take our concerns, our fears, our anxieties and the like and turn them over to Him.  Speak it out loud and call upon His name! Lay them all down at His feet. He promises rest, as well as peace!

A Moment To Praise 3.23.20 in Prayer


You are the River of Life. Your peace and calm flows freely from You to all who ask. Your mercy gives us strength and courage through all of life’s storms, trials and tribulations.  We come before You today, laying down all that is troubling our minds and souls. We humbly ask for You to take these things, and through Your grace, grant peace to all of us. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Amen.

A Moment To Praise 3.23.20 in Song

Click the link below to listen to the scripture in song. As you listen to the words and sing along, I hope you can feel and know that you are loved by a God who has no weakness. No limits. Only strength and love for you!