Pastor’s Pen 3.19.2020

Pastor Doug Smith

Pastor Doug Smith

Thursday, March 19, 2020

What is Really Important

I had a phone conversation with a member of the church this morning who had gotten so busy with work that church and family had been essentially pushed aside. Before long our conversation drifted to the coronavirus and the social distancing necessary to help mitigate the extent of the virus.

After talking about how the virus had brought her working life to a standstill, she reflected on how the forced seclusion had reminded her of what was really important. It was not work, it was not the push to make money, it was not even the hope for a great vacation this summer, it was her family. The full-stop brought on by this dangerous virus caused her to be thankful that her Mother is well and that she is home with her spouse and children. That is what was ultimately important to her.

That is what happens in difficult times. People begin to ask existential questions. People begin to refocus on what is ultimately important to them. When this move to the existential happens, most of the problems, irritations and stupidities of life melt away and the ultimate issues of life loom large.

This period of seclusion and distancing has reminded me of how important the interactions of the community of faith are to me. We have only gone through one reduced worship schedule and have not yet experienced the first of two planned cancelled worship services and I am already missing my faith family! I go into the office every morning and the church is empty. The building itself seems to mirror my melancholy. This period has brought to a deeper focus on my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, everything else falls away from Christ.

Exploring Ways To Engage

Since the Community of Christ is so dear to me, I have been exploring ways to engage one another while maintain the physical distance that is so necessary.

  • First, I intend to address, via email, the readings from the Gospel of John that I invited you to read through the season of Lent. They will be short, but they will help keep us in touch. You are invited to email questions or thoughts to my home email address:
  • Second, I spent a lot of time today investigating how we can use the business meeting software “ZOOM” as a way to stay in touch by streaming Worship and/or Bible Studies until we can get back together.
  • Third, I am seriously considering conducting a Drive Through Communion Service in the church parking lot , if we are not able to conduct Maundy Thursday Services. I am interested in your feedback.

Please be in prayer for each other, for those who are ill due to this virus, for the church of Jesus Christ, and that God will remove this current scourge for our world. To God be the Glory.

Rev. Douglas E. Smith

Pastor’s Pen 3.19.2020 and What Can You Do:

Pray for each other, the ill, the church, and our world.

Look for emails from Rev. Smith and provide feedback for Rev. Smith’s possible action plan.

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