Thankful Thursday 10-24-19

Thankful Thursday holds the day of my oldest son’s final high school football game before our family. We hit the one week mark of his final home football game tomorrow. Already, I have frequently replayed the moments of that evening in my mind.

An evening of celebration honoring our seniors and crowning the homecoming queen rounded out with a hug as my son was about to leave his home stadium for the last time as a player. As we hugged, I shared a few words with him: we are proud of him for giving his best effort and leaving it all on the field. We love him! And turn around during your walk to the bus and see the stadium at the end of the evening. Take it all in and soak in the moment.

As time continues to pass by this week, I keeping coming back to the statement I shared: Take it all in and soak in the moment. How well have I followed the advice I shared with my son? Am I present in each moment? Do I observe the beauty around me or appreciate the people I am getting to do life with? Or am I floating through my days wrapped up in my thoughts, my feelings? When I throw off my expectations of how I think events should occur or how I believe others should be reacting, then I can just be – in the moment – enjoy all that is present and making the experience all that it is.

Time will march on. The seasons will come and go. This moment is a present, a gift, and I am grateful to fully soak in the entirety of it. I pray that you may appreciate the entirety of your moments too.

Blessings to you!

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