Thankful Thursday 8.15.19

Thankful Thursday brought me to my second yoga class. I have heard several friends and acquaintances share how yoga has been something they have greatly appreciated. Stress, being one of the major areas it helps to relieve, sure-footedly stands in our lives with the approach of school. So with an invite from a friend, wanting to proactively handle the current life stresses, and an impending migraine, I popped over to a local class.

During the class, we stretched and moved with the rhythm of our breathing. It was amazing how many areas of my body were being held tight. Grazed with the movement of inhaling and exhaling, my muscles were gently coaxed into release. As we repeated the motions, my body became more fluid through the movements and my mind more at peace in the present moment. (I have to admit my body popped and cracked as we breathed, stretched, and moved. But I felt so good at the end of class!)

Since class, I have thought about the wonder of this human body that we are in. Complex and intricately woven systems layer together for us to experience the mental, emotional, and physical. And when one area begins to experience pain or distress, other areas are also impacted. The class helped me find some movements to minimize my migraine, release the tightness in my body, and give my mind a moment of peace-away from stress and worry of all before me. Thus, relieving one area had a positive impact of relief on another area.

From spending mornings in God’s word to intentionally pausing my mind and body, I look to God and He meets me (and you!) with His wonders daily. Our bodies are beautiful wonders. I am grateful for the gift of this earthly body.

Blessings to you!

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