Thankful Thursday 8.8.19

Thankful Thursday is strolling towards the dog days of August. The hot, hazy weather building into passing rains that range from a light sprinkle of raindrops to the forceful sideways blown sheets of rain plummeting to the ground. Afterwards…calm breathing space takes over in the new situation of refreshment. Soaking up the gift of rain. Awaiting the glimmers of sunshine beckoning forth growth.

Each of these moments evokes emotions and memories. Peaceful, bored, worried, anxious, excited, anticipating the next moment in these acts of God. My responses to gifts offered each and every day. In reflection, I grow my appreciation for the wonders that surround us every moment.

Awe and wonder sweep over me during these moments of reflection. The vast array of complexities on all levels of this human being experience leave me humbled and grateful to witness, experience, and enjoy the beauty of all that is. Our capacity to experience all the wonders of life is truly amazing. And if this is what we get to experience on earth as God’s children, can you even begin to imagine what heaven will be like?

Take a moment this week and look around with a different set of eyes. The creator of all that is, of you, of me, made this world. Surrounded us with innumerable blessings. Notice them and enjoy!

Blessings to you!

Experience Opportunities:

All are invited to worship this Sunday at 8:00, 9:15, or 10:30 AM. If you would like to know more about these services, click here. Can’t make it to worship? Or want to revisit a message that really spoke to you? Check out our Sunday Sermons.