Thankful Thursday 7.11.19

2019 FFF 5K

With the warm weather and bright skies, I often find many of my neighbors outside for a walk or a run. As I see them, I find myself smiling and lifting prayers of thanks that I am surrounded by and witness to folks using their abilities of movement keep their bodies healthy. As they are moving their bodies, God’s creation sings it’s sweet song of encouragement.

Need a reason to be someone who moves? Sign up to be a part of the Fall Feeding Frenzy. Not only will you have a goal to work towards with your movement, but you will also help the Caring Cupboard support local families through your participation. Now that is a win-win-win!

How awesome to help others by moving your body in ways it was built to be used! Move your body and make a meal happen. Check out the physical surroundings: breezy beaches, whispering pines, or waving fields of grain. Each of these scenarios and more bless us as gifts from our heavenly Father. I am so grateful for each of these gifts and the thousands more that I know I am NOT EVEN AWARE EXIST!

Get outside. Take note of your natural surroundings – these are a gift FOR YOU! Soak it in. Receive the blessings awaiting your attention. Move into these spaces and enjoy!

Blessings to you!

Experience Opportunities:

All are invited to worship this Sunday at 8:00, 9:15, or 10:30 AM. If you would like to know more about these services, click here. Can’t make it to worship? Or want to revisit a message that really spoke to you? Check out our Sunday Sermons.