Thankful Thursday 1/17/19

Contentment. Simplicity. Two words that go hand-in-hand as you go in search of either. How does one pursue these?Pursue simplicity contentment

Action begets feelings. Feelings motivate more action. Simplifying creates contentment. A deepened contentment is nurtured by a grateful heart. An attitude of gratitude turns what you have into enough. It also helps one to see when they have been blessed with abundance. With the blessings of the Christmas season spurring us on in the new year, many feel content. Yet they boarder on that “over-blessed” feeling surrounding them.

Currently, I have seen many friends using the motivation of the Marie Kondo movement to help them simplify their belongings and homes. It is helping them move from the “over-blessed” to simplified life. While simplifying, they may ask themselves about each object, “Does this give me joy? Do I really need/use this?” When the curating is complete, the fun comes in figuring out creative ways to move this abundance forward and onto a new life.

There is joy in blessing others and contentment in the simplicity. To keep simplicity as part of your lifestyle, goals are essential. Without a goal, you will continue in your old habits. A goal gives you a new direction, a new focus to motivate you to choose differently. Making that different choice exercises your muscle of self-control (a fruit of the Spirit).  And for the parents out there that need to exercise that muscle for not only themselves, but also your kiddos who really, really, REALLY need THAT toy. Here’s a tip: use the camera on your phone to take a picture of the must-have item for their birthday/Christmas list.

Continued use of the self-control muscle strengthens your simplified living. The simple life brings contentment, peace, and gratitude. thanks be to God!

Blessings to you!

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