Thankful and Grace-filled


During this season of hustle and bustle, we are challenged to give (and receive) this thing called grace. As the expectations and demands we allow into our lives come rushing into our day, we must be intentional in pausing to see the people, the humans, connected to our actions. They may also be rushing along to meet the demands of their day. Each of us wrapped up in meeting deadlines, appointments, and schedules.

Tucked into the busy tasks and ordinary errands are the opportunities to take our eyes off of the things around us. Raise them to meet the eyes of the humans around us and offer a moment of connection. A moment of grace.

It may be a smile. Waving a driver into line ahead of you. Holding the door open for someone else. Or pausing to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and know that God has you in His hands. He knows all your worries, concerns, and fears. He welcomes you to leave them in His lap as you surround yourself with His Spirit and peace. Truly this grace is soothing for the soul. Take some time to soak it in and then also share it with others.

Sending grace and blessings to you!

P. S. You are invited to make some time this to surround yourself with His peace and grace through worship. Click here to see each of the worship opportunities available at Gravel Hill this Christmas.