Dedication of Gifts to the Congregation and Community

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Gravel Hill Fireplace & TV Dedication

On November 5, several dedications took place of items that have been presented to the church.  After the first service, the fireplace in the Hospitality Center was dedicated in loving memory of Zenith and Lester Landis and Margaret and Julius DeMackiewicz by Rosemary and Donald DeMackiewicz.  The fireplace contributes to the warm and homey atmosphere of the Hospitality Center.  The television screen mounted on the fireplace was also dedicated in honor of Abigail Foutz’s confirmation.  It was given by Jim and Jean Foutz and is instrumental in communicating information about upcoming events in the hospitality center.

After the second service, the Celebration of Life Garden and the Little Lending Library were dedicated.  The garden was inspired by the life of Evan Kreider whose happiness, joy and contagious smile impacted many.  After Evan’s death, family and friends contributed to the garden.  The opportunity for others to celebrate their loved ones was extended to the congregation.  We would like to extend thanks to Louis Rossi and Rossi Landscaping, Steve Kern and Kern Landscaping, Jean Foutz, Meredith Fausey-Kreider, Dave Kreider, Doug Smith, Nick Huntley, Jim and Sandy Fausey for working on the project.  We would also like to thank those who contributed to the garden through the purchase of pavers, furniture and monetary donations:

Christine Smith
Bob & Carole Shearer
Staver Sunday School Class
Meredith Fausey-Kreider, Dave Kreider & Dylan Fausey
Larry & Carol Grunden
Jim & Sandy Fausey
Mike, Emily Chase & Family
Stella & Patrick Walmer
Jim & Jean Foutz
Michael & Sarah Sis
Susan Deiter
Debra Bennetch
Richard & Larene Stone
Karl & Deanna Smith
Annissa Lingle
Steve & Trudy Kern
Kathy Lingle

Karl & Nancy Bordner
Ron & Sue Berman
Brenda Kern
Beth & Rick Hoffman
Tony & Erin Rose
Laurie Garman
Dave & Tracey Sattazahn
Ken Bishop
Aleta Simpson
Dave & Gwen Kendall
Gary & Gail Trowbridge
Christine Hepler
Carol Kase
Mary Lou Bear
Dale & Stephanie Wagner
Heather Hoffman
Linda & Mike Bare
Shawn & Perry Grimes

Jim & Janell Ault
Dottie & Jay Jurell
Bernard & Nancy Smith
Gail & Harry Newcomer
George & Romaine Ulrich
Doug & Karen Smith
Louis & Beth Rossi
Barb & Brad Reed
Donald & Rosemary DeMackiewicz
Andrea & Tommy Houran & family
Cheryl & Alex Lilley
Wendy Shirk
Judy & Nick Huntley
Eric & Beth Hoy

As part of the garden, a Little Lending Library was also dedicated.  The library was suggested by Tony Rose.  Those who built and installed the library were Julie Holzman, Ken Neiswender, Jay Jurell, Chris Lingle and Louis Rossi.  We appreciate their talents.  Books for the library were donated by the Cochranton Marching Band in appreciation for the use of the church facilities during a recent trip to the Atlantic Coast Marching Band Competition in Hershey.  Please stop by and enjoy a book!  It is hoped that the garden and the library will remind us all to celebrate life each day.

Following the third service, the electronic sign was dedicated in memory of Rita Brandt.  It was given by her husband, Jack Brandt.  The sign will enable us to share events and information with the community.

Gravel Hill Garden Dedication