Gravel Hill's SCRIP Program

The Gravel Hill UMC Scrip Program makes shopping for gift cards simple and hassle free.  By using our online portal or by placing a paper order at church, you make running around for last minute Gift Ideas so much easier, plus, you help the church.  


Gravel Hill UMC Scrip Program Offsite Coffeehouse and Worship

Scrips works like this:  Each Gift Card purchased through our Great Lakes Scrip Account has a percentage attached to it.  Be it 3%, 5%, 8%, 10%, or more, what ever the percentage is, with each card you purchase at FACE VALUE, Gravel Hill gets the noted percentage in return.  For example, if you purchase $25 Wal-Mart Gift Card through our Scrip Program and Wal-Mart is giving 3% back to the church with the purchase, Gravel Hill will get .75 cents back since .75 cents is 3% of $25.  An even simpler example would be a business such as Texas Roadhouse giving 10% back.  If you order a $50 TRH Gift Card through our Program, you pay $50 but Gravel Hill gets 10% of that which would be $5.00. Pretty cool, huh?

And all the money raised through this program goes directly to our Coffeehouse Vision Fund.  What is that, you ask?  Well, one of the many ways to reach people with the message of Christ's love and grace is through casual interactions not necessarily found within the walls of a church.  The "Coffeehouse Vision" looks to move a part of the Gravel Hill Faith Community out of the church and into a relaxing, non-threatening environment like a coffeehouse.  The goal is to partner up with members of Gravel Hill who share the vision of going out into the world--yes, even the world of downtown Palmyra--to spread the message of Christ and to then lease or purchase a building to then convert to a Coffeehouse and Offsite Worship Center.  By bringing the "church" to people who would otherwise never dream of entering a "church building", we, Christ's Faith Community, break down a barrier that prohibits many from finding a relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  

Will it be a lot of work?  Indeed.  But the work and vision involved pales remarkably to Christ's work on the cross for our sins and redemption.  As we continue to move forward with our Discipleship, let's be forward thinking and forward moving in every possible way.  The Scrips Program is a small but forward-thinking start to the fruition of this vision.  To take part in the program, do not hesitate to contact Tony for more information or stop by our Scrip Area in the lobby of the church for order forms.  

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You can also access our Great Lakes Account by clicking on the link and creating an account.  When prompted, please use our Gravel Hill Account Number:  21L936DB32931

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 Other features include Gift Card Reload and eCards.  Consider using Presto Pay to save time.  Follow the Presto Pay link on your Family Page once you've signed up!